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Brand Statement

– Our promise – The Perfect Experience

The Most Moving Experiences

The Perfect Experience is a logical translation of what our Superior Brand Performance will mean for our customers. In simple terms, we can tell our customers:
An encounter with the superior technologies in JVC products will change your world in an instant. With JVC, music and images are richer and more vivid than you've ever known --- putting the most moving experiences imaginable within your reach.

The thinking behind the JVC brand statement

To create truly moving experiences and provide total satisfaction for our customers
– Inspire people
– expanding the possibilities for creative expression
– Provide customer with the potential for personal enrichment
– Provide customers with a lifetime of satisfaction

*A brand statement

– Expresses a company business vision, its attitude and the value that it promises to uphold.
– Explains a company's goals and strategies to its customers in a away they will easily understand.
– Is a credo that unites all employees in their efforts to build the brand.

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