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Description : KM-H Series switchers come fully equipped with all inputs, chroma key, animation stores and frame sy
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Main Features :
Fully equipped with 12/6 (HD) SDI inputs, 3 Aux busses and chroma keyer .
Dual anmaton and stll stores as standard .
Three nternal sync generators as standard .
Perfect preview wh AI memory recall .
Excellent chroma keying . s
Both input and bus basd up/down convrsion and fram syncs .
High quality 2D DVEs at zoom full screen as standard .
Proper professional nex ransiion and preview funcion . comr.
Redundant power supply capability .
Additional features :
Technical specs :
Multi-Definition : Standard Definition (480i/59.94, 576i/50 (all at 4:3 and 16:9) )
High Definition (1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50 )
Inputs : (KM-H3000) - 12 SDI Multi-Definition .
Source Buttons : 10
Keyers : 3
Transition Methods : Fader, Auto, Cut, GPI, Editor .
Key Source and Fill : Input, Matte, Wash, Media Store .
Key Types : Self, Linear, Chroma, PIP .
Chroma Key : Yes
Picture in Picture Yes
Wipe Patterns :
Digital Video Effects : 2D
Circle Wipe : Yes
Power : 100-240V AC
Accessories :
KM-HPSU/E : Power Supply Pack KMH2500/3000
KM-HRMK : Rack Mount, KM-H2500E/3000E
Brochures and manuals :

KM-H3000E brochure
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