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Description : 100 disc (0.9TB) DVD jukebox with up to 4 drives and printer options. 100 disc capacity gives up t
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Main Features :
100 disc capacity gives up to 940GB of data . ipt
Max 4 nternal multsngle purpose drves & 3 SCS-2 buses .
Takes DVD-R/RAM/ROM, CD-R/RW/ROM (mxed or pure) . s
Double-sided flip-on-the-fly carrier option .
Optional 720x720 dpi disc colour printer .
High Spd LVD SCSI Intrfac (80 MB/sc) .
Shielded 68P Cable (Pin type SCSI 3 compliant) . c
Additional features :
2 x 50-disc magazine capacity for easy load/unload .
2.5 sec average disc loading time .
Mail Box to load/unload single discs .
Low power consumption - slimline mini-tower design .
2.5 million MSBF (Mean Swaps Before Failure) .
RS232C diagnostic port .
Technical specs :
Disc capacity: Up to 100 discs
Playback formats: DVD-R, DVD-RAM,DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
Recording formats: DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW
Max Storage capacity: DVD-R, DVD-RAM: 940GB
Max Record capacity: DVD-R, DVD-RAM: 940GB
No of drives available: 4 standard
Disc magazines: 2 x 50-disc magazines .
Disc load time: 2.5 seconds average .
SCSI Interface: High speed LVD SCSI interface (80 MB/sec).
Shielded 68P Cable (Pin type SCSI 3 compliant) .
Operating voltage: AC 120-240V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 105W
Accessories :
MC-AP30U 4-colour inkjet disc printer
MC-CF10U Double-sided disc carrier
MC-D307U DVD-ROM drive unit
MC-R433U DVD/CD writer (2x)
MC-R434U DVD/CD writer (4x)
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