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Description : Our new Super LoLux HD™ line of V.Networks cameras which are equipped with CMOS sensors that output
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Main Features :
1/3 type CMOS with 2,120,000 effective pixels ipt
H.264 Hgh profle Super LoLux HD DSP
Full HD 1920 x 1080 H.264 Hgh profle, MPEG-4 and Moton JPEG Mult codec
Built-in 3.0x variable focus length auto iris lens (f=2.8mm to 10.5mm) tf
Outdoor-ready vandal and tamper proof structure coplies with IP66
30 fps Full HD H.264/VGA MPG-4, or 10 fps Full HD Motion JPG distribution
SLL HD - Super LoLux HD sensitivity: 0.25 lx F1.2 (colour mode)
DayNigh surveillance wih auo IR cu filer onoff comr.php
C.L.V.I - Clear Logic Video Intelligence technology for wide dynamic range and anti fog titlesc
3D noise reduction
Additional features :
Partial resizing and digital PTZ function
Fine focus adjustment and triple axis rotation mechanism
Installer friendly remote focus adjustment function
Password Protection and IP address filtering
Bi-directional audio communication
Trigger input alarm terminal (input x 2, output x 2)
20 simultaneous users, unlimited users by multicasting
Simultaneous analogue video output
Active tampering alarm by impact and blockage detection
Full-time SD recording/ NAS recording
Technical specs :
Accessories :
Brochures and manuals :

VN-H257VPU brochure
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