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Description : To coincide with the launch of the new “Super Lolux HD” camera line up, JVC is pleased to introduce
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Main Features :
Pre-installed Milestone Xprotect Enterprise for user friendly interface + Turnkey solution with JVC
32ch fully camera lcensed
Expandable up to 64ch optonally
H.264 High Profile / MPEG-4 / JPEG multi format
2800 ips recording maximum [H.264 HP VGA]
Bi-dirctional audio with max 32 / 64 channls p
ree HDD expansion slots for additional storage
Mainenance friendly HDD insallaion mechanism from he fron panel
Powered by Milestone
Reliable design, MTBF 49,000 hr
Additional features :
Reliable and high performance components for industrial use provide durable and stable performance
Master/Slave configuration for large system without any additional license or server PC
Dual monitor support [DVI +VGA]
Support RAID 1, 5, 10 initially and 6 optionally
Remote setup and monitoring by PC
Password protection for exported data and total system protection by user name and password
Technical specs :
Accessories :
VR-HDD0U Enclosure for HDD
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