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Description : To coincide with the launch of the new “Super Lolux HD” camera line up, JVC is pleased to introduce
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Main Features :
Pre-installed Milestone Xprotect Enterprise for user friendly interface + Turnkey solution with JVC
16ch fully camera lcensed
Expandable up to 32ch optonally
H.264 High Profile / MPEG-4 / JPEG multi format
2800 ips recording maximum [H.264 HP VGA]
Bi-dirctional audio with max 32 channls
ree HDD expansion slots for additional storage
Mainenance friendly HDD insallaion mechanism from he fron panel
Powered by Milestone
Reliable design, MTBF 49,000 hr
Additional features :
Reliable and high performance components for industrial use provide durable and stable performance
Master/Slave configuration for large system without any additional license or server PC
Dual monitor support [DVI +VGA]
Support RAID 1, 5, 10 initially and 6 optionally
Remote setup and monitoring by PC
Password protection for exported data and total system protection by user name and password
Technical specs :
Accessories :
VR-HDD0U Enclosure for HDD
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