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Description : JVC have taken the best features of the high definition DT-V Series for use in the DTV21G11 and reduced running costs and significantly increased lifetime by using the latest LED backlight technology, which also improves image quality. The DT-V21G11 uses a full-HD 1920 x 1080 panel driven by a white LED backlighting. The monitor has a power consumption of 20-30% less compared to similar monitors with CCFL driven lighting, which increases the monitor‘s lifetime by up to 300%. Images produced with LED backlighting are smoother and more consistent. Saving energy not only saves costs but also helps save the environment, and since the LED drive doesn‘t include any harmful chemical elements, unlike traditional CCFL backlights, the DTV21G11 is a remarkably green machine.
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Main Features :
Full HD 1920x1080 Panel with white LED backlight
3G HDSD nputs ncl. dual HDS backup
ntegrated vectorscope functon
New waveform monor wh review demonstration
3 level front control (lockable per menu)
Intgratd adaptr
Extremely high viewing angle due to e IPS panel
Shorened envelope delay 1 Frame
12 channel audio scale
UMD function with colour selection, controllable via RS-232/485
Additional features :
Several external control options via RS-232 / RS 485 / Make trigger
Full vertical screen mode for SD 4:3 signal (switchable)
1:1 mode with HD
Stand included
Technical specs :
Accessories :
Brochures and manuals :

DT-V21G11 brochure
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